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About us

From a young age, Vanessa knew she wanted to help others. After exploring various careers, Vanessa finally found her calling when she became a certified Mental Health Counselor in 2018, and she haven’t looked back since. She provides a comprehensive set of services to help boost your confidence and offer support as you navigate your personal health and wellness challenges. She has worked with women struggling with depression, trauma, anxiety and reproductive concerns, infertility and pregnancy loss. Her passion is to help women create a healthy relationship with the people around them and help assist them with learning identity after pregnancy loss. She has an extensive history in managing non-profits that focuses on providing services to the underserved communities in Fort Lauderdale to improve birth outcomes. In addition, she has comprehensive training in PMAD (perinatal, mood and anxiety disorders), infertility, pregnancy and/or birth trauma. Please browse her services and get in touch if you’re interested in working with her.
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What is therapy?

How therapy can help you

 Therapy is a type of treatment that can assist individuals that are experiencing a wide array of mental health conditions and/or emotional distress. Therapy can help individuals with finding the origin of symptoms and enhance their overall emotional well-being.
Through therapy, you can change self-destructive behaviors and habits, resolve challenging feeling and improve quality of your relationships.
What is Therapy?






A way forward

Beginning therapy can be a big step towards a healthier version of you and living the best life possible- no matter what challenges you may be facing.  About 75 percent of people who enter psychotherapy show some benefit from it. Psychotherapy has been shown to improve emotional and psychological well-being and is linked with positive changes in the brain and body. The benefits also include fewer sick days, less disability, fewer medical problems, and increased life satisfaction.
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